GT Radial Champiro UHP AS Tires

All-Season Ultra-High Performance Passenger Car tire.


  • Directional tread design
  • Four wide circumferential grooves
  • Multi-depth sipes
  • Advanced nanometer silica compound
  • V-Shaped directional grooves and sipes
  • Optimized variable pitch technology
  • Large shoulder blocks and center rib design
  • Rim protector
  • 45,000 Mile/75,000 km Limited Treadwear Warranty (Half stated mileage warranty for rear of split fitment)
  • 30 Day/500 Mile Test Drive Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Reduce hydroplaning for improved wet performance
  • Enhance wet grip and all season performance throughout the life of the tire
  • Improves wet grip and reduces rolling resistance for increased fuel efficiency
  • Improve water evacuation efficiency and maximize grip
  • Provide increased rigidity for precise handling, straight line stability and crisp steering response
  • Protects wheels from curb damage

GT Radial

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